World Ranger Day 2023 History, Quotes, and Images

World Ranger Day 2023: Hello, here is the brief history of the trending 31st July world rangers day,

and right now it’s 31st July 2023 and it’s time to celebrate world ranger day 20

Read the history below :

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

History of world ranger day 2023

World Ranger Day is celebrated on July 31 of every year.

World Ranger Day pays tribute to the Rangers who are injured and killed in the line of duty

and celebrates their colleagues who still boldly undertake their role in the field to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures.

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

On this day, many events are being organized all over the world like guided walks and filming of the documentary

The Thin Green Line to raise awareness of the vital work performed by Rangers of the world’s parks which range from environmental campaigning to education.

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

“In the past 10 years alone it’s estimated that over 1000 park rangers have been killed, 80% of them by commercial poachers and armed militia groups.

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

History of World Ranger Day

The first World Ranger Day was celebrated on the 15th anniversary of the founding of the IRF in 2007.

international rangers foundation

This day is organized by the 63 members union of the International Ranger Federation and by the IRF associate the Thin Green Line Foundation,

and this day is also promoted by individuals who encourage the work of rangers and the IRF.

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) is the member association of the IRF is a long-established defined community of pra

it provides support, and representation for game rangers around Africa.

rangers without borders

It is found that there are about 100,000 reserves, parks, and preserved areas around the globe, the oldest national park is Yellowstone in the US

world ranger day images 

Around the world, Rangers are the first to indulge in a fight to protect our natural heritage,

so this day is celebrated to honor them and to pay tribute to Rangers who have lost their lives during their duty.

World Ranger Day 2018 History, Quotes, Images 

How to Celebrate World Ranger Day 2023

Celebrate World Ranger Day by Lighting a candle and praying for Rangers who have died in the line of duty

and by Planting a tree as a sign of living tribute to Rangers around the world.

national park ranger day

Post pictures and share your thoughts about the day on social media with the hashtag #WorldRangerDay.

World Ranger Day 2023 Quotes

I had a blast writing the Ranger in ‘The Great Dinosaur Rush’ for the Moonstone collection. The story turned out to be twice as long as it was supposed to be, but I was having fun. I even showed the Ranger in his ‘old prospector’ disguise, and I had some nice exchanges between the Ranger and Tonto. Great Long Having Fun ~ Mel Odom

I started radio in 1950 on the Lone Ranger radio program, a dramatic show that emanated from Detroit when I was 18 years old and just beginning college. I did that for a couple of years. Beginning College Radio ~ Casey Kasem on world ranger day 2023

You eventually come to the conclusion that there’s only so much you can do with these established characters, and you start wondering who among us will be the one to create the next ‘Superman’ or ‘Batman’ or ‘James Bond’ or next ‘Lone Ranger.’ You Bond Start ~ Dave Gibbons

I am a fighter. I believe in that which is right, and the truth is, I have been the Lone Ranger for the past thirty years and I will not give up the fight. I love my public and I’ll fight for you. I’ll continue to make personal appearances for my thousands of fans. Love I Am You ~ Clayton Moore

People spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make movies that don’t do anything. I mean, no one’s talking about ‘Pacific Rim’ today. No one’s talking about ‘The Lone Ranger,’ and those were $100 million movies that didn’t have nearly the impact that ‘Sharknado’ did. Today People Movies ~ Ian Ziering on world ranger day 2023

‘Plum’s are probably the funniest, but all the books have their own degree of humor. But if you’re hooked into ‘Ranger,’ you’re reading it for the romance. You Humor Reading ~ Janet Evanovich

I’ve got two old Volvos, two old Subarus, and an old Ford Ranger. If you’ve got an old car, you’ve gotta have at least several old cars, ’cause one’s always gonna be in the garage. Car You Always ~ Rip Torn

I’m a science guy. I’m a geek. I love geology and botany and marine science. I thought maybe I’d be a professional guide, or maybe even a park ranger, working for the Department of Fish and Game. Love Science Game ~ Paul Walker

I always loved watching films. I’ve always been active, pretending I was a Power Ranger or a Ninja Turtle. I remember watching ‘Toy Story.’ I think that was one of my first movies. Loved Power Think ~ Trevante Rhodes on world ranger day 2023

The Lone Ranger is going to be one of those iconic characters that never rides off into the sunset. We need heroes like him – an underdog who fights the good fight, doesn’t kill, and has some serious mojo when the chips are down. Sunset Good Fight ~ Mel Odom

I fell in love with the ocean when I was just a little kid, four or five years old, I was a junior ranger, I was going out and doing intertidal stuff, walking around and sticking my finger in my first sea anemone and picking up starfish and all that. It gripped me when I was young. Love Sea Me ~ Paul Walker

When I played Tonto in ‘The Lone Ranger’ and was playing the older Tonto, I would just leave the makeup on and go to sleep because it was a four or five hour job; it was, from the waist up, all over me. Me Sleep Makeup ~ Johnny Depp on world ranger day 2023

When I was a child I liked watching shows about bounty hunters and Canadian Mounties. I liked the ‘Lone Ranger,’ I liked shows where the guy saved the girl from the villain. I just liked those kinds of things and I wanted to be a guy like that, you know, that would save the damsel in distress. Girl You Child ~ Duane Chapman

As I travel the world, it seems that younger people identify me merely with some of the folklore in the ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ – those hyperbolic sayings that elevate my abilities beyond my capabilities. Others view me in light of the character I played in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ or in one of my 20 tough-guy films. Me Light Travel ~ Chuck Norris

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