Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022


Happy Fathers Day Greetings

Happy Father’s Day Greetings 2022

It is easier for a father
to have children than
to children to have a real father. I’m glad 2 have u dad.

If D relationship of
father 2 son could
really be reduced 2 biologies,
D whole earth would blaze
wid D glory of fathers and sons. Happy father’s day. 2022

Happy Fathers Day means I Thank U I Love U, U are d best dad & my best friend 2day is ur day Lets celebrate it 2geDr
Happy FaDr’s Day! 2022

Happy Fathers Day Greetings
He didn’t tell me how 2 live; He lived, and let me watch him do it.
Happy Father’s Day! 2022

I wish u all D best in life and long life. U r D reason I’m here and everything that I am. Thank u 4 what u did 4 me.
Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022

Dad, you’re someone 2 look up 2 no matter how tall I’ve grown.
Happy father’s day 2022

U know, faDrs just have a way of putting everything 2geDr.
Happy father’s day 2022

I know just D person who needs 101 Ways 2 B a Great Dad. Don’t Worry it is nt u! Happy FaDrs’Day! 2022

Thanks 4 being Dre through D Tears, laughter and Dirty diapers.
Happy FaDr’s Day! 2022

4 thousands of years,
Father nd son have stretched wistful hands across D canyon of time,
Each eager 2 help D other 2 his side,
But neither quite able 2 desert D loyalties of his contemporaries.
D relationship is alwz changing nd hence alwz fragile;
Nothing endures except D sense of difference. happy father’s day 2022

My faDr alwz used 2 say dat wen u die, If u’ve got five real friends, u’ve had a great life. Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022

Little girl & her father crossing a bridge.
FaDr Said: Plz hold my hnd
Girl: No dad.. U hold my hnd.
FaDr: Whats D difference?
Girl: If I hold ur hnd & something happens 2 me.
Chances are dat I may let ur hnd go,
But if u hold my hnd,
I know 4 sure,
U will nvr let my hnd go..! happy father’s day 2022

How true Daddy’s words were wen he said:
“All children must look after Dir own upbringing.”
Parents can only give good advice or put Dm on D right paths,
But D final 4ming of a person’s character lies in Dir own hand happy father’s day 2022


Happy, Happy Happy FaDr’s Day!
No one has a father so sweet
Ur kind ways just can’t be beat
Happy Happy Happy FaDr’s Day
I love u in a big big way! happy father’s day 2022

Daddy, I love u so,
U are my inspiration,
U are a picture of strength and serenity,
Nd I shall love u till eternity!
Happy Fathers Day 2022

Happy Fathers Day Greetings

Father’s Day Greetings

It’s only wen u grow up,
Nd step back from him,
Or leave him 4 ur own career nd
Ur own home—it’s only Dn dat
U can measure his greatness nd
Fully appreciate it. Pride rein4ces love. happy father’s day 2022

U’ve seen me laugh U’ve seen me cry Nd alwz u were Dre 4 me I may not hv alwz said it But, 2day is d day 2 say it loud ‘I Love U Dad’ Happy Father’s Day! 2022

D greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad!
Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022

Be kind 2 D father, 4 wen Dy were ung, Who loved Dse so fondly as he? He caught D first accents dat fell from D 2ngue, Nd joined in D innocent glee. happy father’s day 2022

Papa hai mohabbat ka naam, Papa ko hazaron salaam, Kar de fida zindagi, Aaye joh bachhon ke kaam HAPPY FATHERS DAY 2022

Nind apni bhula ke sulaya hmko,
Aansu apne gira ke hasaya hmko,
Dard kabhi na dena uss khuda ki tasvir ko,
Zamana ma-bap kehta hai jinko… happy father’s day 2022

Mere Khuda tera shukriya,
Mere Khuda tera karam,
Mere Abbu ki mohabbat ki mohabbat sabse badi..
Yahi dua k rahe uska sada mujhpe reham! happy father’s day 2022

jinki ungli tham k chalna shika hai
jaana hr mushkil se bahr nikalna
ek din unke naam,apne pyare papa ko hamara salaam
happy father’s day. 2022

Daddy no one can describe
in words what a father means.
Happy fathers day daddy,
Nd remember I love u happy father’s day 2022

Pay My Regards 2 Ur FaDr
Who Is 2lerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
What A Stamina He Has Got.
I Salute Ur FaDr:p
Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022

Love matches, so called, have illusion 4 Dir father and need 4 Dir mother. happy father’s day 2022

F= 4ever Wid His Family
A= Alwz Dre 4 U No Matter What
T= D Only One Who’s Dre
H= He’s My Hero Till D End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really D Only One…
No One Can Beat Him He’s D Best!!! happy father’s day 2022

Happy Fathers Day Greetings
If D relationship Of father to son Could really be reduced to biology, D whole earth would blaze Wid D glory of fathers and sons.
Happy Fathers Day Greetings

Fathers Are One Incredible Creature,
D Bond Sons Nd Daughter Shre Wid Dm Is Impeccable,
Dear FaDr, Why Do I Feel Dat U’re My Best Friend,
U’re Not Stiff Nd Strict, Nd We Just Pretend,
Dis Humble Nature Of Urs, Is Simply Amazing,
We’re Best Friends 2o, Nd Dat Simply Amazes Me,
I Would Alwz Shre D Obstacles Of My Life,
Wid U, Nd Grow Up According to D Plan. happy father’s day 2022

Dear FaDr – 4 Some,
FaDr Is Dir Best Friend,
4 ODrs FaDr Is Dir Buddy.
for me, My FaDr Is D Silver
Lining In My Depression,
Whom I Call,
Wid Great Respect Nd Affection
‘DADDY Happy Fathers Day Greetings 2022

I Have Seen Several FaDrs
As I Travel Places
But One Thing Is Clear,
U Are Simply D Best.
Every Reasonable Child
Will Want U 2 Be His FaDr Happy Fathers Day 2022

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