18th Birthday Party Ideas: My Personal Tips!

If you’re thinking about “18th Birthday Party Ideas” then you’re in for a treat! I am a personal party planner and have been so for many years. I have planned hundreds of 18th birthdays and over the years have realized that there is a reason that some turn out good and others turn out bad! You see it’s hard to find 18th bday party ideas, especially on the internet. So I have put together this article to give you a brief taste of some of the best ideas that my clients choose.

simple 18th birthday party ideas at home

simple 18th birthday party ideas at home

So let’s get straight into 18th birthday party ideas – my personal tips.

Have a huge 18th birthday party for family and friends.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

18th Birthday Party Ideas

Worldwide this is one of the most popular things to do on your 18th and can be the very best way to celebrate the start of adulthood. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate your birthday in a hired venue or in the comfort of your own home having a birthday party is a very easy and fun-filled way to really enjoy your 18th.

To really spice up an ordinary 18th birthday party; try having a “themed party”. There is nothing more fun than seeing everyone dressed up in your favorite theme, from an “angels and devils” theme to a “pimps and hoes” theme! At the end of the day, a theme party brings character to your 18th.

Go to the best nightclub in your city/town.

Go to the best nightclub in your city/town

Go to the best nightclub in your city/town. – 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Even if you go with just a hand full of friends “hitting the town for a night out” if only for your 18th will not only be worth it but immensely memorable. If you can’t bring the party home then take the party out with you! Make sure you wear the best clothes you have and become the center of attention for that one night.

Go shopping!

Go shopping! - 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Go shopping! – 18th Birthday Party Ideas

More for the girls this one, but my word if you can afford it then do it! Nothing more marks an 18th than the latest Channel shoes or Armani watch (budget depending of course). If you can ask mummy or daddy to spoil you, at least once in your life, then this is the perfect shopping spree to do so, so don’t mess up your chances

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa and makeover.

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa and makeover

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa and makeover – 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Now you guys may think that this only applies to us girls but there you’d be wrong. Not only does a makeover apply to boys also but some boys would just as much benefit from them as girls do! A makeover is more than pedicures and manicures, it’s a chance for you to enhance your child’s look and bring about a more adult appearance. Even if you just get a haircut this is definitely one of my personal favorites on what you should do for your 18th birthday.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

18th Birthday Party Ideas

Doing something is better than doing nothing!

It is always important to do something on your 18th. Too often I am approached by 18 year olds parents who plan their child’s 18th not as a surprise but as their child doesn’t want to do anything for it. This couldn’t be more of a mistake! It is better to do something that you fairly fond of like going cinema or bowling on your 18th than being stuck at home watching the “re-run” of “pets do the funniest things”! The thing is after the birthday person always never regret that they celebrated their 18th the way they did. This is no coincidence!

Now the thing to remember here is your turning 18 is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so don’t waste it doing something you don’t enjoy. You should really try your best to make it unforgettable, with any budget.





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